M.B.B.S., M.D.(Paediatrics) Child Care Hospital, Indore

I know Dr.Tripathi  since 14 years , when He was a student of Ayurved college.
He taught me, an Allopathic doctor, concepts of Ayurved, which I am using in my practice very effectively.

I know Dr. B. M. Tripathi sicnce many years. He is very much sincere and dedicated to this work related to Ayurved. Now I am glad to see that his Charak Ayurvedic classes now going to higher level due to his dedication towards Ayurved and Students. This institute is helpful for the students who want…

Assistant Professor, Rishikul Campus, UAU, Haridwar

Delivering knowledge is an extremely wonderful skill, which is actually God gifted to a very few person and Dr B M Tripathi is one of them.

Assistant Professor, Uttarakhand Ayurved University (Main Campus)

My heartiest wishes to Dr B M Tripathi…
I know Dr Tripathi since last 5 year’s. He is an excellent Teacher and a hard worker.

Dr B.M.Tripathi is a very intelligent Ayurved Instructor. He is expert in Samhita subjects. Anybody can avail coaching from him for clearing any competitive exam of Ayurveda. I wish him all the best.